Will you have this item in store?

The items shown on our website reflect what was in stock at closing the day before.  We do our best to keep our inventory up to date, but sometimes things go missing.  Our computer has also been known to lie to us about what we really have in store.

On days that we expect to be really busy we set the website inventory so that items that are down to one in stock will not show. At closing we will try and remember to set inventory to show all items that are available online so far.

I saw something in the store, but it's not on your website.

We currently have about 50% of our stock available on our website.  We are adding new items weekly, but it takes a little while.  If there's a particular line of toys or books that you'd like to see added, please let us know and we'll give it priority.

If there is something that you saw in store and would like to order online, please let us know and we'll do our best to help you.

I have a birthday party tomorrow morning!

We check our orders first thing in the morning.  If you order a product and gift bag, we can have it ready to go by 11am (1pm Sundays).  Just choose 'in-store pick-up" and we'll have it ready to grab on the way to your party!

Can I pick up my order at the store? 

Yes!  We check for orders before we open the store every morning.  We will do our best to pull 'pick up in-store orders' before we even open our doors.  If you want to double check that it's ready before you arrive, please give us a call.  We start answering the phones at 9:30am (noon on Sundays).

Why is there tax on my book?

One of the few downsides of our new website is that we can't set different tax rates for individual items (ie books).  When we process the orders the books will not be taxed and the amount that you are billed will be slightly less than appeared at check out.  Please note: workbooks are not tax exempt.

I Homeschool - Do you accept POs?

Yes!  Homeschool Purchase Order is now an option at checkout.  Just make sure to include the name of the program that you are registered with, PO number and child or family name in the notes box when checking out.  If we recognize your name, we will process the order asap.  If you are a new customer and the order is large, there may be a slight delay while we check with your organization to confirm that it is a legitimate order.

My Credit Card Payment Won't Go Through

If the address registered to your credit card does not match your billing address the payment will be blocked.